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Every electrical installation deteriorates with use and age. Your business may be putting employees, customers or the public at risk, if the electrical installation is not in a safe and serviceable condition.
Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is like an ‘MOT of the electrics’ in a property. At Test Elec we will check the condition of an existing electrical installation against BS 7671, the UK Standard for the safety of electrical installations, and then issue the property owner with an EICR.
Any electrical circuits or equipment which are overloaded. The potential for electric shock risks and fire hazards. Any lack of earthing or bonding conductors and any defective electrical work. Tests are also carried out on the installation to check that it is safe
Really this depends on factors such as the type of installation and how it is used and maintained for non-domestic properties, it is recommended that one is carried out by an NICEIC Approved Contractor every 5 years (dependent on the condition this can be lowered) or at change of occupancy. however, regular visual checks should be carried out every 6 months for signs that the electrics are still safe. The visual check should include ensuring that there are no burnt, broken or missing switches or sockets, no accessible live parts and no signs of scorching or burning on electrical equipment.
For non-domestic buildings, electrical installation work should only be carried out by NICEIC Approved Contractors of which we are registered.
To attain NICEIC Approved Contractors status Test Elec have been assessed to the highest standards covering all types of electrical work including, design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of commercial and industrial electrical installations. We are also assessed on an annual basis by the NICEIC to ensure we keep our work to the highest standards ensuring you of our quality service.
DO get a full electrical inspection and test every 5 years
DO carry out a visual check of the electrics every 6 months
DO use an NICEIC Electrician to carry out electrical work
DO check for worn or frayed wires and cables
DO check for signs of blackness or scorching around a socket, which could indicate overloading
DO check for broken electrical accessories, such as sockets and light switches
DO check regularly for a smell of hot plastic or burning near a socket
DO check for signs of sparks or smoke coming from a plug or appliance
DO use an RCD (Residual Current Device) for added protection against electric shock
DO test that the RCD is working every 3 months
DO test the smoke alarms every week
DON’T overload plug sockets
Turn off lights or replace with LED lighting allow you to make significant savings on your electricity bill. Lighting controls - These allow lights to be operated or programmed from a console. This helps to reduce energy by using lighting only when it is needed. Wireless lighting control systems are a relatively cheap and flexible means of controlling lighting.
Electrical Shock. Electrical Fire and Burns
These may result from:
1. The electrical installation and equipment deteriorating over time.
2. Damage to switches, sockets and other equipment.
3. Misuse of the installation and equipment.
4. Poor or lack of maintenance of the installation and equipment.
First check the RCD will re-set if not unplug all items that are plugged in then try to reset the RCD again usually it will the plug the appliances one by one if the RCD trips when you plug an item in unplug the item and have tested reset the RCD and repeat process it is usually a faulty appliance causing the problem , if you RCD will still not reset call us for help.